(1)    Extremely brilliant in design this transportable scoreboard is
         adaptable for countless* types of sports and events.

(2)   The overall dimensions allows it to be transported by most
        vehicles,to and from different venues or fields.
(3)   EXTRA LARGE numerals for the ease of viewing by the
         players and spectators.
(4)   Countdown / up stop clock (except cricket).
(5)   Durable and sturdy aluminium construction.
(6)   Large castor wheels for easy moving and positioning.
(7)   Light weight approx 25kg.
(8)   Controlled via bluetooth / Android app.
(9)   Designed for multiple use, Simply plug and play for
         that game you wish to score on.
        ( additional controller and
app = additional cost, ask Scoreit for further information .)
(10) Powered by 12volt car battery (not supplied)
(11) Clear protective front shield over LED screen.


As the scoreboard is transportable and there is moving
 parts,the SAFETY of the person / persons using it, is of
 upmost importants and this has been address within the
 design and manufacturing of our product.

* dependent on developed and tested software written by Scoreit.net.au